Ambulance coat 5126-EL

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The Ferno Model 5126-EL has been designed especially for a safe transport of the patient. The cot makes job of operators easier with smooth, simple and ergonomic operations when loading and unloading from an ambulance.

Main Features

  • Aluminium construction provides strength and lightweightness guaranteeing maximum maneuverability during patient transport and during loading and unloading from the ambulance.
  • Five levels of height adjustment: the 5126-EL cot guarantees to reduce the fatigue and the load on the spine during lifting. Ergonomic height adjustment handle provides an improved and comfortable grip.
  • The safety lock system prevents the cot from being unloaded from the ambulance before the front legs have been completely unfolded to the normal transport position. It avoids the risk of accidental falls of the cot while unloading.
  • The leg lock system allows to lift and carry the cot safely by locking the legs before lifting.
  • The 5126-EL cot is equipped with an adjustable backrest, a shock frame for Trendelenburg position and 2 swing-down sidearms.
  • Two 360° swivel rear wheels are equipped with integrated wheel locks that avoid the risk of accidental movements of the cot and maximize cot stability.
  • The ABS panels are easy to remove for disinfection.
  • The 5126-EL cot allows transport of isolette with the dedicated interface ITC (“Incubator Transport Interface“).
    Conforms to EN 1865.
    Compatible with the ambulance fastener SLAM (tested EN 1789).

Available models

Model Loading cap WidthHeight
Loading heightWeight
5126-EL 181 kg 55 cm minimum 250 mm
maximum 890 mm
64 cm 40 kg
5226-EL 181 kg 55 cm minimum 250 mm
maximum 890 mm
72 cm 40 kg

Optional accessories

Description Code
Kit complete with 359-21 mattress, 2 belts 430-2-N and 1 belt 417-1N
Rapid release belt, 2-piece, metal buckle430-2-N
417-1N Four-point black belt
SLAM locking system with front anchor
514 OXY-CLIP, removable gas bottle holder0085500
274 PAC-RAC, instrument holder tray0818933
Detachable IVF pole513-10E


Ambulance coat 5126-EL

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6,671.16CHF 5,670.49CHF