24-MAXX Mortuary Cot

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  • 24-MAXX Mortuary Cot

With its unique, independent-leg design, wide surface, and oversized wheels, the 24-MAXX allows you to transport bodies weighing up to 1,000 pounds while reducing the risk of back injuries. The cot allows easy maneuverability in tight areas and down stairs, and has a powder-coated frame and stylish design. The 24-MAXX, with a variety of innovative features (including two, two-piece black restraints), offers the dependable performance you’ve come to expect from Ferno, the industry leader.

Length 193 cm
Width 66 cm
Height Max 102 cm Min 35 cm
Weight 35 kg
Load Limit 454 kg
Loading Height 66 cm

24-MAXX Mortuary Cot

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