Extrication board XT

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Ferno XT: The revolution in extrication. The Ferno XT is a revolutionary and excellent system for rapid extrication and spinal immobilization in confined-space areas and critical situations. Fast extrication, easy application, maximum safety with total patient spinal immobilization and lightweight are the main features of XT.

Main Features

Designed for spinal immobilizing and extricating patients from vehicles and confined- spaces areas. Allows the extrication without causing additional damage to the patient. SAFETY 4 YOUR BACK: for performing extrication procedures safely for the operators.
4 safety straps, two “X” chest straps and two leg straps, support and create most effective immobilization avoiding compressions of the patient and guaranteeing maximum comfort and safety.

The safety straps are supplied with a quick-release system. The buckles are in different high- visibility colours for quick, easy use and retrieval and to ensure the correct fastening.
4 carrying handles enable operators to get a firm and ergonomic grip to estricate the patient without the risk of sliding.

QHI-B Quick Head Immobilizer guarantees the operators to immobilize effectively the cranio- cervical area in combination with head immobilizer triangle in neoprene and the neck strap. The new wrap-around design of neoprene head immobilizer triangle provides an efficient immobilization of cranio-cervical area.

Lightweight composite fiber board.
Always ready to use and portable with the XT bag.
100% x-ray translucent.
Easy to decontaminate and rapid restraints replacement.
Available KIT XT COMPLETE-B includes: an extrication board XT, 4 black safety belts with colored plastic buckles, head immobilizer QHI-B w/triangle, XT bag.
Compatible with Ferno SCOOP stretchers, Ferno backboards and Ferno vacuum mattresses. 

Technical specifications



830 mm


300 mm


3,5 mm


1,6 kg

Load Limit

160 kg

Head immobilizer w/triangle and neck strap (w/black carrying case)
XT Bag
Set 4 belts for XT w/colored plastic buckles
Neck strap, red, neoprene (w/black carrying case)
Head immobilizer triangle, neoprene

Safe and rapid extrication in less then 16 seconds

Usable also with bariatric patients and pregnant women

Comfort and quality high then other extrication systems

100% x-ray translucent

Extrication board XT

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928.81CHF 789.49CHF