Pediatric immobilisation Pedi-Sleeve

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  • Pediatric immobilisation Pedi-Sleeve

Device for immobilising and moving newborn patients, especially those weighing between 5.4 kg and 27 kg.
Thanks to the integrated belt system, it can be fastened safely to the spinal boards and non-traumatic stretchers like the SCOOPEXL.

Main features

  • Pedi-Sleeve is equipped with belts with Velcro closure to ensure safe containment of the paediatric patient during transport.
  • Thanks to the integrated pneumatic adjustment system, the operator can carry out micrometric adjustments of the patient's cervical spine.
  • Pedi-Sleeve is easy to move thanks to its reduced weight and compactness.
  • Can be stored in the handy integrated transportation bag, just simply roll it up.
  • Easy to sanitise.

    Technical specification

    Length 1010 mm
    Width 500 mm
    Height 25 mm
    Weight 1,5 kg
    Load capacity 27 kg


    Description Code

    Pedi-Sleeve, paediatric immobilisation and transportation system, adaptable to spinal boards

    and ScoopEXL stretchers



    Pediatric immobilisation Pedi-Sleeve

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    1,041.22CHF 885.04CHF