Medkids® Baby Board model 676

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The Medkids Baby Board model 676 helps maintain cervical neutral alignment in infants with the self-contained Pneumatic Positioning Device (PPD).
It is used to restrain, position and immobilize an infant during the transport in an incubator or on an ambulance cot.

Main Features

  • Made of durable Dupont Cordura and it is X-ray translucent.
  • Compatible with most EMS cots and isolettes to provide safe and secure transport.
  • Crescent-shaped head blocks secure cervical spines for infants too small for standard size cervical collars.
  • Unique design accommodates all central lines, umbilical lines, chest tubes, urinary catheters and other invasive and non-invasive equipment.
  • Designed for infants ranging from 2 lb. (1 kg) to 15 lb. (7 kg).
  • Can be placed in a transport incubator.
  • Simple care and maintenance.
  • Easily-replaceable parts. 


Length 580 mm
Width 280 mm
Height 30 mm
Weight 2,5 kg
Load capacity 1 - 7 kg


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676 Baby Board, system for immobilising and moving newborns

Medkids® Baby Board model 676

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689.81CHF 586.34CHF