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Mediwrapis a high-efficiency isothermal blanket, perfect for protecting accident victims and for preventing hypothermia caused by trauma. Soft, absorbent and comfortable inside, completely waterproof outside,Mediwrapis latex free and radiolucent.

This innovative, versatile fabric is ideal for patients of any age and for use during any emergency operation.
It is widely used by rescuers, fire-fighters and the police during the phases of recovery and stabilization of the patient before transport to hospital.
Lightweight and easy to store, Mediwrap is the ideal complement for first aid kits and in vehicles where space is limited, such as patrol cars, helicopters and fire engines.

Materials and structure

    • Multilayer fabric with high thermal efficiency
    • Outer layer: metallic polyester film with biaxial orientation 12 microns thick
    • Middle layer: spray aluminium
    • Inner layer: honeycomb fabric
    • Two-component polymer adhesive
    • Meets FDA 175 175.206

    Main features

      • Scientifically tested to stop hypothermia and to restore normothermia
      • without the need for external heat sources.
      • The highinsulating capacity of the fabricconsiderably restricts the four types of heat dissipation: conduction, convection, evaporation and radiation.
      • Disposable: protects patients and operators from the transmission of infections.
      • Barrier against the spread of bacteria: reduces the risk of cross infection.
      • Non conductive.
      • Prevents overheating.
      • Reduces the risk of hypothermiacaused by trauma.
      • Rainproof and windproofouter material.
      • Doesnotfray: it can be cut to fit.
      • Radiolucent.
      • Latex free.
      • Compact, light and easy to store.

      Technical specifications

      200 mm120 mm0,2 kg

      Mediwrap disposable thermal blanketMW1002


      Adult Blanket Mediwrap

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