71 Toboga basket Stretcher with 4 safety belts

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  • 71 Toboga basket Stretcher with 4 safety belts

Specially made for technical, mountain, ski rescue and for both terrestrial and naval research.

Technical features

    • The high density polyethylene shell gives the 71 Toboga basket stretcher increased resistance to chemical agents, UV rays, corrosion and the formation of rust, making it ideal for use on any type of ground in any condition.
    • The handles and shoes are modelled in tubular aluminium structure.
    • The shape of the stretcher protects the patient from any side impact and enables containing material for immobilisation.
    • It has a closed cell foam mattress, a cord that goes around the whole perimeter of the stretcher to hook belts on and four anchor points to lift the stretcher with litter bridles.
    • In the lower part, there are two shoes to facilitate dragging over the ground.
    • Available in: one-piece (71), foldable (71-S), and non-metal one-piece (71-M).
    • The models are complete with 4 safety belts per patient.
    • In the foldable version, 71-S, the stretcher occupies minimal space and can easily be transported in inaccessible areas.
    • The one-piece, non-metal version, 71-M, was specially made for use in situations where it is necessary to protect against electrostatic hazards: underpasses, undergrounds, mines, ships, power plants, tunnels susceptible to firedamp. The aluminium structure with plastic coating, wooden shoes and belts with Velcro closure guarantee the electrical insulation necessary to safely use the stretcher.

    Technical specifications

    71 / 71-S

    Length2180 mm
    Width610 mm
    Depth190 mm
    Weight10 kg
    Load capacity272 kg


    2180 mm
    610 mm
    250 mm
    10 kg
    Load capacity
    272 kg

    Available models

    010710071 Toboga basket stretcher, one-piece, with 4 belts included
    010710171-S Toboga basket stretcher, divisible, with 4 belts included
    010710471-M Toboga basket stretcher, one-piece, non-metal, with 4 belts included

    Optional accessories
    Litter bridle model 418-1 adjustable with carabiner
    IV pole 513-4 for stretcher 71 and 71-S 0085480
    Flotation Collar0313943
    Case 387-A for stretcher 71
    Case 387-B for 71-S stretcher


    71 Toboga basket Stretcher with 4 safety belts

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