665-5 immobilizers - L. 78 cm

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  • 665-5 immobilizers - L. 78 cm

Fast, rigid devices to immobilize suspected lower limb fractures or as a support for immobilizations of suspected fractures of the radius or ulna. They are made in heat welded vinyl and are easy to clean and decontaminate. They come with elastic velcro closings and are padded to support the foot. The immobilisers from the 665 series are completely radiolucent and non-magnetic.

Technical features

  • Made in vinyl and easy to clean
  • Fast to use
  • Closure in elastic velcro
  • Padded to support the foot and ankle
  • Completely radiolucent and non-magnetic


Technical specifications

Model Width Open length Weight Depth
665-5 (code 0313473 )
20 cm 78 cm 0.34 kg 10 cm

665-5 immobilizers - L. 78 cm

In Stock Product Code: 0313473

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246.11CHF 209.19CHF