42-EV Stair Chair

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Compact, sedan chairs, derived from the FW 40 project and evoking its styling, compactness, build quality and lightness. Designed to ensure high shock resistance, durability and ease of daily cleaning. Simple to use thanks to the adjustable telescopic handles, they facilitate manoeuvring in tight spaces. The four rear folding handles provide ease of use for operators of different stature. The large seat and a simple footrest provide great comfort to the patient. The easily sanitized quick release belts complete the product.
Certified to the UNI EN 1865 standard and locking certified to the UNI EN 1789 standard.

Main Features

  • Compact, lightweight
  • Especially sturdy
  • Made of special aluminium alloy
  • Seat made of preformed ABS (mod.42E)
  • Orange vinyl seat (mod. 42EV)
  • 6 handles, of which 2 are extendable, with variable height
  • 4 wheels, 2 of which are front caster wheels, with brake
  • 3 quick-release safety belts
  • Compliant with UNI EN1865 standard
  • Locking for ambulance to UNI EN 1789 standard
  • Rear wheels protruding at the back for greater stability
  • Footrest

Technical specifications

Model Loading cap WidthHeight
Closed depthWeight
42E (ABS seat) 159 kg 52 cm 91 cm 18 cm 9 kg
42EV (vinyl seat) 159 kg 52 cm 91 cm 18 cm 9 kg

42-EV Stair Chair

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1,092.09CHF 928.28CHF