EZGLIDE POWER-WIoffers efficiency, ergonomics and reliability for safely transporting patients without straining the operators. Specially studied to guarantee maximum performance when ascending or descending stairs, situations which require maximum safety and manoeuvrability.
It features excellent transportability on various types of surfaces and has excellent manoeuvrability in tight spaces thanks to the front castor wheels and rear wheels with integrated brakes.

Main features

  • Structure in light aluminium, compact (weight equivalent to 27.5 kg including battery) and minimal footprint.
  • It is equipped with a motorised system, a wireless interface with controls for going up and down stairs, easily accessible to the operator, and an LCD display.
  • The control interface was made so as to guarantee the operator a safe and ergonomic driveup and down stairs: in fact, it can be turned for optimal positioning. Using the controls, the operator can adjust the speed at any time during transportation on stairs.
  • 2 speeds for going up and down: with the interface control, the operator can select between the two speeds, VMAX1 and VMAX2. This lets the operator select the best speed for their needs.
  • The Brake function lets the operator lock the seat in the position it is in while going up or down stairs without having to use excessive force to keep the seat still.
  • The ESSL (Electronic Safety Speed Limit) limiter guarantees a safe, controlled stair descent even when the battery is dead or if there is a fault.
  • EZGLIDE POWER-WI has a rechargeable Milwaukee lithium ion battery (28V, 3.0 Ah) that can be easily removed by the operator, even with the track closed, using the appropriate buttons. The battery can be recharged using the Milwaukee battery charger provided as a standard feature.
  • The seat's precision movement and manoeuvrability is guaranteed by a transportation handle, ergonomic and height adjustable, and by two front retractable handles. It is further equipped with two rear, closable transport handles.
  • The positioning stability is guaranteed by an integrated braking system which has two rear wheels.
  • The seat has panels in ABS and a foldable footrest for greater patient comfort and safety during transport, even for bariatric patients.
  • EZGLIDE POWER-WI has: a patient belt system, a Milwaukee battery, a Milwaukee battery charger and a connection cable with storage bag.

Technical specifications

Height minimum 953 mm - maximum 1613 mm
Width 516 mm

Seat width

419 mm


(handles and tracks open) 1295 mm
(handles and tracks closed) 724 mm
(in storage configuration) 330 mm

Power supply

with Li-Ion 28V 3.0 Ah battery
Power for controls 2 batteries alk.1.5 V AA type
Recharging time max. 1 h
Weight 27.5 kg (battery included)
Load capacity

180 kg (including motor)

227 kg (in exclusively manual mode without additional motor)

Optional Accessories

Description Code
Headrest 65-0352-003
Black cushion 031402400
Tank carrier Oxy-Clip2 0821977
Milwaukee battery M28 MWK-BATTERYM28
Milwaukee battery charger M28C MWK-CHARGERM28C
IV pole 0821976
Cable storage bag and headrest, 20x18x8 cm, red with FERNO logo 10-1532-001
EZCLACK locking system 65-0430-001


Description Code

EZGLIDE POWER WI motorized stairlift chair, complete with patient belt system, 1 Milwaukee battery, 1 Milwaukee battery recharger and 1 connection cable with storage bag