Warranty conditions

1. Warranty conditions

Ferno products are warranted to be free from manufacturing defects for a period of 24 months, commencing from the date indicated on the transport document issued by Ferno (Schweiz) AG. Ferno (Schweiz) AG also provides a 12-month warranty for spare parts. During the warranty period, the company will repair and/or replace free of charge all parts found to be defective for clearly identified manufacturing reasons, with the exclusion of labor costs and any travel, transportation and packaging expenses.
The warranty excludes all consumable materials and components subject to wear associated with normal use of the product, all parts typically subject to sliding or rolling friction (bearings, brushes, lubricants, pads, tracks, etc.), parts potentially subject to oxidization or corrosion (contacts made from copper or metal alloys, electrical, electronic and mechanical equipment) and batteries. External finishes (gelcoat/resin, paint, powder coating, stickers, tapes, applied text, etc.) are warranted for 90 days.
Repairs are made by technical specialists at the headquarters of Ferno (Schweiz) AG - Cheerstrasse 16 / 6014 Littau Luzern - Switzerland (CH), or at the Customer's premises, following agreement with the Customer Service Department at Ferno (Schweiz) AG.
Technical work carried out at the Customer's premises must be agreed in advance and part of the documented expenses incurred may be recharged to the Customer.
Information about the cost of technical work is available from the relevant department at Ferno (Schweiz) AG.
Repairs are warranted for a period of 6 months from the date of the repair concerned. This warranty only applies if the product is used in the manner specified in the user manual supplied together with the product. Improper use and carelessness invalidate this warranty. The warranty period commences from the date on which the product is dispatched by Ferno (Schweiz) AG Warranty cover does not extend to the transport costs incurred. Ferno (Schweiz) AG is not responsible for damage incurred during transportation or for damage caused by improper use of the product.
Products sold by Ferno (Schweiz) AG that do not bear the Ferno trademark retain the original warranties provided by their manufacturers.
Ferno (Schweiz) AG does not provide extensions to the warranty periods allowed by the third-party manufacturers of the products concerned; Ferno (Schweiz) AG does not accept any responsibility for products manufactured by others.
No warranty cover is provided in the event of:
– non-compliance with the instructions for use,
– erroneous use,
– inappropriate use or handling,
– product repair work carried out by unauthorized personnel,
– damage during return transportation from the user caused by improper packaging,
– failure to carry out maintenance work,
– failure to use original spare parts.
In situations not covered by the warranty, Ferno (Schweiz) AG accepts no responsibility for the transport expenses incurred to send and return the products concerned.

2. Limitation of liability

If a product is found to be defective, Ferno (Schweiz) AG will repair or replace it or, at its discretion, refund its purchase price. Ferno (Schweiz) AG is not responsible, under any circumstances, for more than the purchase price of the product. The purchaser accepts these conditions for all types of damage. Ferno (Schweiz) AG does not provide any other warranties, express or implied, and makes no implied warranty about the merchantability or fitness for a specific purpose of its products or those manufactured by others. In the event of non-compliance with the limited warranty, any legal action must be completed within one year of the date on which the non-compliance was or should have been discovered.
Ferno (Schweiz) AG reserves the right to cancel the warranty for products sold:
- if the labels or tags bearing the trademark of the manufacturer and the serial or registration number have been erased or removed;
- if the product has undergone work, changes or repairs that were not authorized by Ferno (Schweiz) AG or that were carried out by personnel not authorized by Ferno (Schweiz) AG;
- if the product has not been used in conformity with the instructions provided or has been used for purposes other than those for which it was designed;
- in accordance with the provisions of article 1 “Warranty conditions”.
Ferno (Schweiz) AG is not responsible, under any circumstances, for any direct or indirect losses deriving from usage that is inconsistent with the instructions contained in the user manual or with the purpose of the product concerned.

3. Requests for warranty work

Customers should contact the Ferno Customer Service Department immediately they receive a product that might be defective. A representative will assist the Customer during the complaints procedure. Customers must obtain authorization from the Ferno Customer Service Department before returning a product to Ferno (Schweiz) AG.

4. Complaints

Any complaints must be notified to the seller or to the Customer Service Department at Ferno (Schweiz) AG within 5 days of receipt of the product or discovery of the alleged defect. Complaints or disputes regarding an individual product do not exonerate the purchaser from the obligation to collect and pay for the other products included in the same order, unless agreed otherwise with the seller.

5. Authorization to return products

No returned products will be accepted without prior authorization from Ferno (Schweiz) AG. Products returned for commercial reasons or for reasons not attributable to product non-conformities will only be accepted after their condition has been checked by specialist personnel employed by Ferno (Schweiz) AG.